Bennachie, oil on canvas 2020

Bennachie holds a special place in the hearts of many people in Aberdeenshire. This view of Bennachie from Folla Rule, north of Bennachie, I completed as a gift for my brother.

Humanity Manse, oil on canvas 2020

My last on-campus classes of my Undergrad Scottish and English Lit MA at The University of Aberdeen took place in Humanity Manse, a stone building just off campus, majestic and squirrelled away. It isn’t really yellow but apparently I was vibing when I mixed for it.

Leith Hall, Oil on canvas 2020

I worked at Leith Hall from 2015 to 2020, and have been in love with it for even longer. This is a depiction of the, mostly, Georgian era south wing. This was one of my first big paintings where I mapped out and planned meticulously, so it is something of a masterpiece for me.

Welcome to Auchterturra, oil on canvas 2020

The fictional Aberdeenshire village of Auchterturra is awhy and naewhy at once. Invented by doric comedy pioneers and heroes of mine Scotland the What? Auchterturra sets the scene for several of my painting and poetry pieces. This piece was featured in Leopard Art’s Primavera Exhibition.

My hands are covered in yesterday’s paint;

The consequences of my sloppy handling.

Oil mixed with pigment mixed with

torn hair on a stretched skin.

Each new day is a blank page.

Until I am reminded of yesterday’s paint.

Yesterday’s Paint, Kirsty Lawie

Onion, oil on canvas 2021

I wrote a non-fiction memoir piece called Onions about school, and how my friends and I spoke. I painted this onion (which I think looks like a roast chicken) with the back of a brush to accompany the harsh little story.

Aberdeen Beach, Oil on canvas 2020

I love the textures made possible by oil paints, and this piece is so heavy in texture. I just kept upping the ante and splattering it on. This painting was featured in the Leopard Arts Paper Exhibition

Grey Granite, oil on canvas 2020

Sometimes I think I can’t do abstract – I like to be in control too much. But there is something so simple and obvious about this piece that is irreplicable yet perfect.

Fyvie Castle, Oil on canvas 2019

Fyvie Castle is such an impressive building, that it is possibly offensive how I rendered it, squint and asymmetrical. This was completed back when I was gloriously naïve to mapping out designs and instead was haphazardly slapping it on. Thankfully I like the uncanny result. This piece was featured in Leopard Art’s Primavera Exhibition.

Trinity Tree, Oil on Canvas 2020

Graveyards are ridiculously tranquil IMO so I have quite a few paintings of them. I like this tree blossoming amongst the dead.

Seaton, Oil on Canvas 2020

These Aberdeen high-rise flats overlooking the golf course and the sea dominate the skyline in the north end of the city. I thought they looked so striking set against a cloudy sky. This painting was featured in the Leopard Arts Paper Exhibition

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