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WayWORD Festival 2022

WayWORD is back for 2022 with our festival running predominantly in-person for the first time, from 20th-25th September 2022!

Outlines Collective

Outlines Collective is an Aberdeen based group working with the local community on public art

WayWORD Festival 2021

Following the success of WayWORD festival in 2020 I was delighted to be hired by the WORD Centre to continue supporting their projects, including WayWORD 2021.

WayWORD Festival 2020

In 2019 I joined the founding committee of the WayWORD festival, run by the University of Aberdeen’s WORD Centre for Creative Writing.

Sewing Bee (Poetry)

Ducking and diving Over under over under. I gather up my dreams and bestow them on this garment. My needle swims, glides through the fabric until Prick, jump, bleed, bodge.

My writing in other places:

Onions is a memoir piece about school over on the Leopard Arts site, one of my favourite places for Aberdeen Creatives. Leopard Arts also hosts my ghost story The Brownie of Blackford Manor, my short poem Phocidae in their BRACE! BRACE! collection, and my history ditty about capital punishment in Aberdeen Picnicing on a Little Hillie was part of their super Paper exhibition.

In 2019 I was awarded the Bobby Aitken Memorial Prize for my doric poem The Ballad of John Leith III by The University of Aberdeen.

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