WayWORD Festival 2021

Following the success of WayWORD festival in 2020 I was delighted to be hired by the WORD Centre to continue supporting their projects, including WayWORD 2021.

As in 2020, I worked with Alison McCall and Lesley Dunbar from Aberdeen Women’s Alliance to produce the Virtual Witches Walking tour – a guide to the City’s relationship with witchcraft.

I had more responsibilities in 2021: I led the marketing team, building the website and devising the organic marketing plan; chaired even more events (below); and recruited and mentored the new committee.

Co-hosting the North East Voices event
Hosting the Q&A for the Writers Showcase

WayWORD 2021 was more than double the size of 2020: I ran a three day spray-paint workshop in Sunnybank Park; co-hosted North East Voices at the Blue Lamp and the Writers Showcase; was a panellist on the Aberdeen Art Gallery ‘Visions of Beauty’ event; and spent many hours behind the scenes moderating and green-zooming!

Just some highlights from the Love Wall…

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