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Sewing Bee (Poetry)

Ducking and diving Over under over under. I gather up my dreams and bestow them on this garment. My needle swims, glides through the fabric until Prick, jump, bleed, bodge.

Why I love Mrs Estee Lauder

Mrs Estee Lauder, as gals in the biz call her, is just a hero. Full stop. End of story. “I never dreamed of success, I worked for it” is so close to being twee – but it isn’t. When coupled with the biography of the beauty pioneer, you can understand that she really worked hard…Continue reading “Why I love Mrs Estee Lauder”

The Story of Emily (Fiction)

The wind was so strong as Emily jogged towards the beach on the last night of her sponsored Jog-Along that the palm trees lining her route were bent over almost double. The palm trees were not native but had been imported during a glamourous phase in the nineteen eighties when these small oil towns wereContinue reading “The Story of Emily (Fiction)”

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